News from the CVSF Conference

On 1st November 2011 CVSF held its AGM and 'State of the Sector' Conference. We would like to thank the 106 people who participated in the day and made it a conference to remember, and the community caterers who kept us all so superbly well fed: Trailer Trashed, MERNET and the Oromo community group.

The day began with the results of our survey on the state of the sector, a presentation from Rachel Newton of Urban Forum on localism and neighbourhood councils, followed by a lively AGM and Councillor Bill Randall who talked about tackling inequality, empowering communities and developing a sustainable city. In the afternoon community groups led on open space discussions and asked some important questions to a panel of public sector partners on equalities, volunteering, commissioning, collaboration and communication. An audio clip of the questions put to the panel and their responses will be available soon.

Useful information from the day

We were excited to see many people talking about the conference via social media, and you can follow the day as it happened on twitter here

Following questions asked by CVSF members during the AGM part of the day we thought you might be interested in the NCVO guide we used to select our auditors which you can find on the NCVO website. You might also be interested in the NJC pay scales which are used by CVSF trustees to set CVSF staff salaries, and the current CVSF staff structure.


Other useful documents from the day can be found below.